Herbs For Causes

We believe that simple acts today can create a better tomorrow.
We're in business to help the health of animals.
With every product you purchase, Chava Naturals will help animals in need.  
Pound for Pound Herbs®


Causes we support:  

By Using the Codes above, customers will receive 10% off their order and a matching donation of 10% will be sent to the Causes we support.  

Early in the 2000s, Susan Moore purchased Chamisa Ridge herbs her horses. Herbal mixes were consumed daily until change of management and a new name, Chava Naturals.  Early in 2013, Susan learned Chava Naturals was at risk of closing down. Realizing she had an opportunity to help animals, knowing she would have a lot of shoveling by hand, she sold her tractor and withdrew from her retirement to purchase the business.

During 2014, Pound For Pound Herbs® was launched.  With every product you purchase, Chava Naturals helps animals in need.  This simple idea helps address basic animal needs, advance health for horses and dogs, funding for spay/neuter clinics, education for youth leadership and hippotherapy programs in the Pacific Northwest.